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October 28, 2018

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2'18 Day 17: No Longer Make Believe

January 17, 2018

Eighteen months ago we purchased because we had an idea. We didn't know what it looked like, but the feeling was there.


Almost a year later we spent two weeks working on a logo. Some of you may have noticed the RW incorporated into the design.


Fast forward seven months and the first batch of t-shirts have sold out. People ask us when the next rant is coming or they ask if we can get shirts in their sizes. We can walk into a handful of homes and see our work hanging on the wall or sitting on desks.


Ranting Wright is no longer a figment of our imagination and we cannot thank everyone enough for their support in these early days. 


Our mission has not changed in the last eighteen months, nor shall it change in the coming years. We want to showcase local and regional artists and help them get their feet on the ground, especially when these artists are young people who have few or no outlets when dealing with their mental health issues. We want to gather as many bright minds as we can and watch them shine together so no one is left in the dark. We will continue to read, write, draw, sing, act---whatever it takes to bring communities into discussion about art, mental health, and youth culture. Many of us have been set up to fail---by our governments, by our law enforcement, by our parents, our teachers---and many of us have been set up for success by those same forces. This divide ironically informs the unifying core beliefs and values of Ranting Wright: that the privileged will speak with the disenfranchised and the oppressed, and if the privileged will not speak with them then we will make the privileged hear the voices of those yearning to be free. Our political leaders will hear the voices of those they have failed. These voices will come softly or strongly, with tranquility or with rage, with civil protest or uncivil violence---but there is a choice to be made by those listening. The people become strong when they have been made to be weak; the people only fill themselves with rage when filling themselves with peace and tranquility does nothing but invite another boot to their teeth; and people only engage in uncivil violence when civil protest brings them nothing but more ignorance and hate from those in power. Ranting Wright works to bring every voice together with dignity and humility so that we can work through these artificial social constructs of race, gender, class, and nationality to discover the humanity that lies within us all.

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