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October 28, 2018

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September 20, 2017

Our summer efforts seemed streamlined, so efficient that we spread ourselves too thin. Project after project towered like obelisks ahead of us, and we washed ourselves over them like tides destroy mountains. Each spongy obstacle absorbed our energy, dried our seas, and left us like the sun-baked basking rocks of cold-blooded reptiles. In other words, we took on too many projects and exhausted ourselves. 


Our September began with terror and collapsed with a sigh of fatigue. All we can do is pick it up, dust it off, drag it to the finish line, and get it back on its feet for October's marathon. We will route all energy into singular projects so they begin and end with strength. No more terror. No more fatigue. No more ill planning. Simple motions, simple ideals---these are the new foundations.


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