Mission Statement

Ranting Wright Media is a growing artist collective hell-bent on reshaping regional and national discourses concerning art, mental health, and youth culture.


As members of the human race, many of us have been set up to fail---by our governments, by our law enforcement agencies, by our parents, our teachers, our friends, our celebrity "role models", our doctors and health care systems, our places of birth---we have been sent into Hell, with terrible prejudices and stigmas, to wage war on each other and destroy ourselves in the process. At the same time, many of us have been set up for success by these very same forces, although on a global scale most of us fall into the former rather than the latter. This disproportion of physical resources and social accountability is directly responsible for the psychosomatic state in which we live; in other words, the physical deterioration of our bodies and minds is fomented by forces both within and beyond our control. It is from this illness that Ranting Wright emerged.

Ranting Wright Media exists for one reason: engagement. We want the privileged and the disenfranchised to be in true conversation, opposed to monologues dictated from those in power to those who are routinely trod upon by systemic oppression. We want to showcase artists and thinkers, to get shining minds together so no one is left in the dark. We especially want to be there for our local, regional, national, and global youth populations, who often have few, if any, outlets for their anguish and are thus misled into picking up a needle or a gun instead of a pen or a paint brush.

If you are reading this then you are now part of something from which there is no return. You and I, we will be heard. Our monarchs, presidents, and prime ministers; our celebrity role models; our police forces; our university and college deans; our bosses; our C.E.O.s and C.F.O.s---they will listen to our voices or they will hear us buzzing in their ears until they have no other choice but to listen. These voices will come softly or strongly, with tranquility or with rage, with civil protest or uncivil violence---but this is a choice to be made by those listening. The people rise only when they have been made to fall for so long. The people only fill themselves with rage when filling themselves with peace and tranquility does nothing but invite another boot to their teeth. The people only engage in uncivil violence when civil protest brings them nothing but compounded ignorance and continued disinterest from those in power. Ranting Wright Media only exists to bring every suffering voice together with dignity and humility so that we can work through these artificial social constructs of race, gender, class, and nationality to discover the humanity that lies within us all.

Some of you have our posters hanging on your walls while others have our books sitting on your coffee tables---some of you have both, a situation for which we cannot at this time fully express our gratitude. We are indebted to you. But this is only the beginning. We want your books on our tables. We want her art on his walls, their songs in our playlists, our minds in their hearts. We work to talk to individuals and communities of widespread diversity so Ranting Wright is not dominated by any one opinion---a multiplicity of viewpoints ensures that we are not whitewashed in single-story narratives. We are not entitled to take anything for granted. We want all of us to do it all, and the fun part is, if you made it to the end of this rant, you've already done so much. Let's just try to do a little more.


Jesse Wright
Mitchell Waugh


Your part is complete. Leave the rest to us.


Minister of Public Relations

That's right---YOU!

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